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Google Chrome extension for eZ Publish developers

Google Chrome extension for eZ Publish developers

Thursday 11 February 2010 1:11:21 pm - 9 replies


I recently played a bit with Chrome extensions system and I develop an extension that allows you to request within the extension.

Here is the link :

Tell me if this sound interesting for you, if so I try to add new features (any idea?).


Thursday 11 February 2010 3:30:59 pm

That looks really cool (from the screenshots), although i can't install this yet on Chrome Mac.
Are you using thsi on a daily basis already ?


Thursday 11 February 2010 3:35:06 pm


Looks good indeed. Does it also search the API doc? (

Thursday 11 February 2010 4:31:40 pm

@Nicolas : Chromium for Mac is now compatible with extension (try this link or get the last version from the beta/dev channel.

Yes, I use it on a daily basis happy.gif Emoticon

@Robin : It doesn't search the API right now but it's a very good idea, I'll try to add the feature ASAP

Thursday 11 February 2010 5:39:43 pm


dev version installed...your Chrome extension installed...and WOW, man that rocks!
It almost makes me feel like switching to chrome for development....

I totally think this would be a fantastic project on Could be of a slightly more general purpose, like:
"Browser extensions for eZ Publish development".

Another idea in the air was to have eZ Debug in firebug for instance. Could fit in such a project.

Thanks for this Mathieu, it really rocks.

Thursday 11 February 2010 5:49:25 pm

Thanks Nicolas !

Ok, I'll try to create a new project on

About eZ Debug, It's a very good idea. I was thinking in a first step to display error.log in the chrome extension. I'll see what we can do.

PS: I'll add a new version with search history in autocomplete happy.gif Emoticon


PS : I'm using Chrome for development it's really nice !

Modified on Thursday 11 February 2010 5:51:06 pm by Matthieu Sévère

Thursday 11 February 2010 7:36:15 pm

Very cool extension, if you add API search, be sure to use latest stable version instead of 4.2, maybe even add a dropp down for it and add trunk* as well.

For debug output, lots of cool things can be done there, created a javascript to merge similar sql calls and add a count value on header of those once, good when you want to look for duplicated fetches within a page request.

Another thing, is it possible to see the source code of it somehow, interested in how to create extension for chrome.


Modified on Thursday 11 February 2010 7:36:48 pm by André R

Thursday 11 February 2010 7:46:50 pm

Another thing, is it possible to see the source code of it somehow, interested in how to create extension for chrome.

what an enquiring mind happy.gif Emoticon

If this becomes a project on, that solves the issue

@Mathieu: the autocomplete search history sounds very cool happy.gif Emoticon

Cheers all!

Friday 12 February 2010 3:07:57 pm

@andre : I just asked for a new project so you'll be able to see the source code. This is pretty simple as it is html & js. The nice thing is that Chrome support lots of html5 spec so you can use for example localStorage to store data locally.

Nice idea for the debug output ! I not sure I'll have time to do all of this right now but feel free to contribute happy.gif Emoticon

Thursday 03 March 2011 2:57:31 pm

Professional looks which I expected. That looks really nice (from the screen-shots), But I also like "Adblock Plus". The ad-blocking extension "Adblock Plus" is now available for Google Chrome and can be downloaded from ""


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