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How can a user edit their own details

How can a user edit their own details

Monday 19 May 2003 5:03:52 pm - 5 replies

Selmah, please don't give any more issues please. blunk.gif Emoticon I am going to try again happy.gif Emoticon

I have users that have created users via 'signup' and not manually via a admin user. How can a user edit their own details? other than their password?

Monday 19 May 2003 7:30:56 pm

ok ok happy.gif Emoticon))

here is , try it :

{let thisuser=fetch('user','current_user')}
{section show=$thisuser.is_logged_in}
<h2> You need to <a href={concat("user/edit/",$thisuser.contentobject_id)|ezurl}>Edit</a> </h2>

Monday 19 May 2003 8:10:36 pm

Yep i had <a href="/content/edit/{$}">Edit my details</a>.

but the effect is the same.

This is the issue, as the user does not have edit rights to itself as it is created automatically it cannot change the details.

I think this will need to be a special routine from eZ...

Monday 19 May 2003 9:33:58 pm

That seems trivial,

I thought (out of memory) that you can specify the usergroup where these type of users belong. Just add a new rule to the role assigned to that user group which makes editing ("self"blunk.gif Emoticon possible.

Or am I missing something?


Monday 19 May 2003 9:50:42 pm

You see i thought that, but try it for generated users, the generating account for them is by default "administrator". As users do not generate themselves you cannot use 'self'.

Wednesday 21 May 2003 4:42:48 pm

Hi Tony,

I have the same problem and the only thing I could come up with is to change the code in /kernel/user/register.php to make the owner of the contentObject the new user.

I you find an other way, please tell me.


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