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How can I regenerate image alias?

How can I regenerate image alias?

Wednesday 19 November 2008 1:10:20 pm - 1 reply

After moving site to different server I've noticed that images are not regenerated. So I could access only images in original alias.

I investigate this problem and noticed that ImageMagick is not installed on this server. So I changed setting in image.ini to let it use GD instead of ImageMadick.

Now when I upload new images it generates right image alias. The problem is with old image those where in the system before. I can access them only in original alias.

How can I regenerate all alias for all images?

Modified on Wednesday 19 November 2008 1:11:20 pm by Genri Moshkovich

Wednesday 19 November 2008 2:34:40 pm

The problem is solved. I had wrong permissions for storage folder. After clearing cache images are regenerated.


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