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how to access the "email" value of the ezusert type

how to access the "email" value of the ezusert type

Thursday 17 February 2005 12:39:15 pm - 5 replies


Here is my (quick) question.

I have a content object attribute identified by user_account of the ezuser type. I'd like to know how to access the email value of the user account in the attribute ?

here is the code I unsuccesfully tested

$dataMap = $object->dataMap();
$email = $dataMap['user_account']->attribute('email');

Any better idea ?


Thursday 17 February 2005 12:51:07 pm

The user_account-attribute returns an object of the type ezuser. So the correct way to do this is:

    $dataMap = $object->dataMap();
    $user_obj = $dataMap['user_account']->content();
    $email = $user_obj->attribute( 'email' );



Thursday 17 February 2005 2:02:27 pm

Thanks it works great !

Btw how to know what is the eztype of the object attribute $user_obj obtained by

$user_obj = $dataMap[$attrib]->content();


I promise not to send silly question anymore ... today !


Thursday 17 February 2005 3:30:22 pm

Hmm.. seeing the solutions already posted I'm wondering if I understand the question correctly.. But I always access the email value like this:


Example from my working code:

{attribute_view_gui attribute=$}

Thursday 17 February 2005 3:44:17 pm


The content() function of a contentobject attribute either returns a simple type (string, integer, boolean, float, array, ...) or an object of a "helper" class (e.g. ezuser). For simple types, you can use PHP's gettype() function. For objects, you can use PHP's get_class() function. Example:

$content = $dataMap[$attrib]->content();
$type = gettype( $content );

if( $type == 'object' )
  $type = get_class( $content );

print( $type );

You can also trace it through the PHP code if you're familiar with (sometimes) complex PHP code. That's the way Tom and I learned it.


$current_user is not a node object. I assume your $current_user is the result of a fetch of the currently logged in user. In that case, the result of the fetch is exactly the same than that of the content() function of a ezuser datatype.

Olivier's code:

print( get_class( $dataMap['user_account']->content ) );

and your code:

{get_class( $current_user )}

would both say the same thing: ezuser

The .email in the templates then translates to the ->attribute( 'email' ) in PHP code.


Thursday 17 February 2005 4:41:27 pm


Thank you for your help


OK I got it.

My PHP knowledge is getting old and I am lacking of some basics in PHP even if I write EZ extensions.

Also thank you for your job in mailinglist and XSLT extensions. I was actually rewriting a part of the mailinglist code to be able to send email to the user account email adress of an object.

For the moment I replaced in ezsckmailinglistype.php (line 114)

$attribContent = $dataMap[$attrib]->attribute('data_text');


$user_obj = $dataMap[$attrib]->content();
$email = $user_obj->attribute( 'email' );
if (isset($email) && $email!="") {
else {
	$attribContent = $dataMap[$attrib]->attribute('data_text');

It would be better to rewrite this with an accurate check of the type of the attribute object (the reason of my question actually) but it works.

Any thought ?


Modified on Thursday 17 February 2005 4:43:37 pm by Olivier Pierret


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