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How to Create Sub Items/Object and show it directly in pages

How to Create Sub Items/Object and show it directly in pages

Wednesday 24 March 2010 1:14:11 pm



I need to create own designed sub item which then I can use it other pages as well usig "Insert object" facility. For example, I need to show a text block (Rectangle with text) which shows a Help tip. There are many help tips and same help tip can shows in many other pages.

So far my solution is,


1. Create a "Class" with "XML Block" to accept help tip.
2. Create a relevant template (.tpl) to show the tip.
3. Then the newly created class will appear at under “Create Here”.
4. Select new class and click “Create Here”, Enter the required text in text are, named it as “HelpTip_1” and publish it. Continue till “HelpTip_X”.
5. Then when ever new page created, I can add required “Help tip” which already create using “Insert Object function”

My Problem
I have success on all above steps and able to add “Help Tip” to pages but those are showed in pages as Links rather than shows the content. If I clicked the Link then it’ll show the content. So, How can I showed the text directly rather than link?
Any mistake on my approach?

Thanks in advance,


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