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How to disable css caching?

How to disable css caching?

Friday 22 January 2010 10:19:14 am - 4 replies

ez4.2 combines all css files to one big file.

How to disable this feature for developemnt period?

Friday 22 January 2010 1:19:03 pm

It will automatically be turned off if you enable [TemplateSettings]DevelopmentMode in site.ini, and you also have specific setting for it in ezjscore.ini if your not really in "development mode" happy.gif Emoticon

Friday 12 February 2010 5:32:00 pm

Set in site.ini


Set in ezjscore.ini


Thursday 16 June 2011 9:03:04 pm

Hi Guys!

I want to have the opposite:

DevelopmentMode enabled and JS/CSS Packer enabled.

Any ideas on how to do that?

Thursday 16 June 2011 10:05:16 pm

Do I understand you correctly: you followed instructions above, but still have packed css?

I had similar situaltion. Please check, my mistakes was :

1. did you cleared cache? php ./bin/php/ezcache.php --clear-all --purge

2. example contains spaces. you have to delete all spaces at the end of each line.


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