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How to make matrix datatype information collector

How to make matrix datatype information collector

Wednesday 21 August 2013 5:51:02 pm

Hello everyone.

I am currently working on a contact form in which the user can enter the composition of his family.
This part of the form consists of several lines containing fields.
You must enter a line per person.
The first line is for the user himself. It is mandatory.
Then there is a line for the spouse.
Then through a text field it can add additional lines for these children.
Each line contients the following fields: Last Name*, First Name*, Address, Business 
The first and last name fields are required. The others are optional.
The business field is a dropdown list.

All this look like ezMatrix datatype. But it is not information collector.

How do you solve this problem?


Thank you happy.gif Emoticon

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