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how to manage a million of user

how to manage a million of user

Monday 23 May 2011 5:15:02 pm - 1 reply


My customer want to use eZ Publish as a extranet portal. To authentificate a user, I use a special login Handler that invoke a web service.

If this first level authetification is succeded, I do not want to match this user with a eZUser because I have a million of user. Is it possible ?

If yes, how ? does exist a extension ? If I remember, Largarder won a award on the eZ Conference 2008 for a extension base on this approach with LDAP. Is that true ?



Tuesday 24 May 2011 12:06:51 pm

I've seen installations where a single eZ user account is used for all logged-in users, and all user profile data - gotten from external system - is stored in the session.

It is thus possible, but you will need to rewrite a lot of code, and loose some of the benefits of standard user management (eg permissions, unless you set up one dummy user account per group, and use that one to log in many actual users depending on their role)...

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