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How to send verification email to customer filling in a form?

How to send verification email to customer filling in a form?

Tuesday 21 October 2014 6:08:30 am - 2 replies

I have installed Community Project 2014.7 on HostGator, and I have followed Paul Wilson's good tutorial to make an application form. This works absolutely perfect with an email sent to "membership_coordinator_email_address" which is a field in the form. I want to use this as a staring point to make a specialized form for customers, but I then also will need to send the filled in form to the customer as a verification of his request. I already have a field in the form called "email_address" which is filled in by customer, but I never ever have been able to send an email to this email-address. I have spent one full day on suggestions found on internet, and have also been through the forum without any sort of success so far.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on this? I am NOT afraid of reading and not lazy, but I feel horribly lost at the moment.

By the way - the installation was done with the option sendmail/MTA during installation.


Modified on Tuesday 21 October 2014 6:28:45 am by Terje Hvidsten

Tuesday 21 October 2014 7:57:43 am

Hello Terje,

Sadly the feature you describe is not supported!

I think this feature you describe is also a bad idea as spammers and robots would abuse this feature to send spam out to anyone and everyone without restriction or limits.

If you still feel this feature is required for your use you could implement a custom copy of the content module view copy in an extension to provide this feature (I've done this before).


I hope this helps!


Tuesday 21 October 2014 9:40:24 am

Thanx for Your reply heath.
I will look into Your suggestion here.
Might be I should do some re-thinking on this. What I basically want is a form where the customer/clients add some personal information to get some advices based on their filled out form. I just thought it might be a good idea to send them a copy so they easily can check their own information.

They will later on get an answer back with suggestions/advices based on their typed information, so it might not even be necessary. Maybe a tiny manual response will be sufficient in the beginning.





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