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HTTP Post to URL conversion weird url with brackets in ie

HTTP Post to URL conversion weird url with brackets in ie

Wednesday 20 August 2008 11:00:30 am - 1 reply

Hello Everybody,
On ez 3.10, I'm trying to set up a HTTP Post to URL to filter on view parameters like ez does in .
I followed the example at url and everything works smooth with mozilla firefox...

After the post the url..
is created and fetch works fine.. this with <b>mozilla firefox</b>,

If I repeat the post with <b>internet explorer</b> i get instead this url..

with curved brackets replaced by %28 and %29 of course the fetch doens't work anymore and I get results from the fetch only if i reload the page..

I confronted what ez does here:
where everything works fine with internet explorer too
ad what is explained here

And I see that in the above mentioned page EZ doesn't use:

<form action="content/action" method="post">


<form action="/ezposttoview/action" method="post">

And the brackets are placed via action and not via html,
to explain it better..
I have in my html of the posting page:

<select name="(service)">     

while ez in the worldwide_partners would have:

<select name="service">     

Adding the bracket later, via post action, to get /(service)/5
I hacked the kernel /kernel/content/action.php at line 1304 to ad the brackets and palced in my html:

<select name="service">     

everithing works but the problem still remains with internet explorer

Checked the http headers, checked my files, everithing is utf-8..

Where can I get this /ezposttoview/action ?
Infact if I call it in my posting html page tpl I get kernel (20) module not found..

Can somenone help me to fix this issue?
Thanks in advance,

Modified on Wednesday 20 August 2008 11:02:43 am by Marco Caldari

Wednesday 20 August 2008 11:51:35 am

Hello Marco,

The reason for the failure in IE should not be the %28 and %29. We also use the POST to URL conversion in several places and IE indeed shows the urlencoded brackets but it still works fine.


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