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I am just completing a payment gateway using protx and want to gauge interest before posting

I am just completing a payment gateway using protx and want to gauge interest before posting

Friday 23 April 2004 7:54:55 pm - 7 replies

I am just completing a payment gateway extension for Protx and wondered if it would be of interest to the community. It is rather complex and uses workflows to do it's thing but I wanted to gauge interest before posting it as I would need to write the documentation and generally clean up the code for general release.

If there is sufficient interested then I will do the cleanup work and post it into the contributions section.

Protx is a payment gateway that does not charge as much as worldpay but does require the user to have a merchant account. They charge £20 a month or 10p per transaction (with you own merchant account charges on top)

To read more look at



Fats.neutron @

Modified on Sunday 15 August 2004 2:55:13 pm by Stuart Fenton

Friday 23 April 2004 7:58:35 pm


We would all be interested the more payment gateways the better.
Can you post it to contributions You can then store the code in the public svn respository at if you wish.

Thanks for sharing


Modified on Friday 23 April 2004 8:01:09 pm by Tony Wood

Friday 23 April 2004 8:12:44 pm

Plus good examples of complex workflows would be of a major benefit to the community. I would really appreciate your insight.


Friday 23 April 2004 8:20:18 pm


I was intending putting into the contributions area as it can then be expanded more quickly as well as allow more flexible bug fixing and all that malarkey.

I currently use Subversion so integrating my own work into the community is pretty seamless.


Fats Neutron
Fats.neutron @

Thursday 28 July 2005 12:50:04 am

Sorry it took so long but I have posted the Protx extension. It took me while to test it and clean up the code. too many pressures every day. So I took out some time tonight to get it published.

Let me know what you think.


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Thursday 28 July 2005 8:57:46 am


Is this extension already in production for on one of your website ?

I didn't know Protx, sounds interesting... but I quite don't understand where to get the merchant account. I'm digging so I can give it a try.


Thursday 28 July 2005 11:11:28 am

Yes it on several sites, it's been running for quite a few months now.

The Merchant account is acquired through most banks.

You can setup a test account on Protx I had a test account without a merchant account while I was writing the extension.


Modified on Thursday 28 July 2005 11:16:36 am by Stuart Fenton

Thursday 28 August 2008 4:40:55 pm

I think Protx has changed quite significantly since this was released as has eZ P.

I am starting to develop a new version of this extension if no one else has already done the work aimed at eZ P 4.

I may be biting off more than I can chew - can anyone advise me how far off the old version is against the new standards?

At this point I don't even know if the eZP 4 database has the fields I require in it yet! I'd be very interested in any feedback/hints.


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