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if eq doesn't work, why ? recalcitrant picture or condition !!!

if eq doesn't work, why ? recalcitrant picture or condition !!!

Tuesday 01 October 2013 5:39:51 pm - 2 replies


For an unknown reason, my picture doesn't appear from the body part (a blog post in my backoffice)

Then, I tried to display that image with a condition in my template (tpl file) like this : 

{if eq( $, 'Tarantino' )} <img src="" /> {/if}

but it's still doesn't work, can you help me plz ? Do you have any idea ?

$ is well equals to Tarantino because with a view I can display it.

Regards from France,


Wednesday 02 October 2013 9:12:02 am


Is your image displayed if you remove the test ?


Wednesday 02 October 2013 4:03:06 pm

Hi Yann blunk.gif Emoticon

Incredible, it works today without changes...omg.gif Emoticon

Caches were yet purged before and after each operation.

Never mind... ^^' good, weird but good !

Have a nice day !



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