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Image Magick transparency problem

Image Magick transparency problem

Saturday 10 May 2003 2:19:03 pm - 6 replies

Has anyone else experienced trouble with uploading transparent gifs? I think it may be a global setting somewhere but I am unable to find it. Any transparent gif that is uploaded has its transparency colour replaced with solid black.

Anyone have knowledge of this??

Modified on Saturday 10 May 2003 4:54:49 pm by Brendan Pike

Saturday 10 May 2003 4:35:27 pm

I didn't have any problems with transparents GIFs, using ImageMagick in ezP 2.2.

Really sounds like an imagemagick (configuration) problem.

Saturday 10 May 2003 4:52:57 pm

And are you familar with its settings? I looked in /etc/magic but there wasn't anything in there.

Sunday 11 May 2003 11:10:09 am

Yes, we have that problem too. Even when you fix image.ini so it doesn't convert everything to png's. It appears not to convert them correctly.

re: png issue

Modified on Sunday 11 May 2003 11:17:14 am by Tony Wood

Sunday 11 May 2003 5:13:40 pm

Strange but my image.ini settings didn't have the settings the bug report added but it was still converting gifs to gifs. My problem is only the transparency which I have still not solved yet.

Sunday 11 May 2003 9:26:36 pm

Strange... Well i'm gald its not that... I've taken a read of the ImageMagick site and it look like convert supports it... Have you tried converting the gif from the command lline to see if its Imagemagick or eZ parameters that are causing the problem

Monday 12 May 2003 2:54:15 am

Oops, rather embarrasing. It was as you suggested the incorrect image settings in image.ini, but I failed to noticed image.ini.php *blush*, I was also thrown off because the converted image extension did say .gif but when you look at the code of the image it was infact a png. So thank you for your help, works well now happy.gif Emoticon


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