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Image objects not found by fetchByURLPath

Image objects not found by fetchByURLPath

Wednesday 26 January 2011 5:00:52 pm - 4 replies


i am importing images into ezpublish and i want not to import images twice, so i want to check first if they are already there.

The images are saved in Media/Images/Imported and have names like myimage.jpg

If i just open the url http://mysite/Media/Images/Imported/myimage.jpg with the browser, the image is shown (in the layout though)

If i try to get the image with $obj=eZContentObjectTreeNode::fetchByURLPath('Media/Images/Imported/myimage.jpg') i get NULL

I also read here in the forum, that fetchByURLPath uses path_identification_string from table ezcontentobject_tree, i checked the database and it has values like


... and i tried to use this string with fetchByURLPath, still getting NULL

How can i fetch image objects?

Wednesday 26 January 2011 6:03:19 pm


The function you refer to has recently been mentioned in an article, see http://share.ez.no/learn/ez-publish/creating-ez-publish-objects-in-php/(page)/5. It might help to check that out.

Regards, Robin

Thursday 27 January 2011 8:34:01 am

Yeah, thanx i read this article, it's good. Anyway, i had a error on a other place, doing a strtolower(str_replace(array('.','-'),'_',$url)); on the url does work, but i can not be sure if there are other chars that are replaced.

Is there a ezPublish API function that cleans up the url so it matches the values in path_identification_string?

Modified on Thursday 27 January 2011 8:34:36 am by Heiko Irrgang

Saturday 29 January 2011 9:33:12 am

Any devs around that can answer this one?

Thanks Robin

Monday 31 January 2011 7:54:27 am

Have you tried to make it begin with a '/' ?

I'm not sure, but it's maybe an updateniceurls.php script related issue. Maybe you can look there.


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