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import RSS feeds in different languages ?

import RSS feeds in different languages ?

Tuesday 28 April 2009 6:57:38 pm

Hi all,

on a multilingual site (1 public siteaccess per language + 1 unique admin), I need to import RSS feeds to create content in different languages.

The less unrelevant way I found so far is :
Create all imported posts in the main language (of the admin siteaccess) but in different destination folders, so I can tree-fetch one folder per language/siteaccess, using "if" statements to map siteaccess/language with destination folder in every template which has to fetch imported posts.
(NB : as all the languages are prioritized in every siteaccess, I can not just use a destination folder per language...)

I also thought of using one admin siteaccess per language but I can't see a way to have several "national import cronjobs" finding their "national import feeds" from the unique imports list.

=> Would anybody see a way to import RSS feed content in various languages?

Thanks in advance for your ideas happy.gif Emoticon

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