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include template from another extension ezpublish

include template from another extension ezpublish

Friday 26 February 2016 6:48:51 am - 1 reply

In my current extension template i need to include template from another extension.If i write 
    {include uri="design:article/full.tpl"}
it will search in my current extension.

How can i direct it to other extension? According to doc there is a `name` parameter. What should be value of name?

Modified on Friday 26 February 2016 6:49:27 am by akhtar zaman

Friday 26 February 2016 11:32:23 am

if you have an extension with a template inside

+ design
++ standard
+++ templates
++++ my_folder
+++++ my_tpl.tpl

and you define your extension 'my_extension' in settings/design.ini.append.php as a design extension

you can use this template

  {include uri="design:my_folder/my_tpl.tpl"}

The design: searches alle design folder from kernel and extensions and looks for the tempate (templates could override)

I think you can inlcude a template directly, too

  {include uri="my_extension/design/standard/templates/my_folder/my_tpl.tpl"}

but i did not try this notation.

The name Parameter is for a template scope. If you use the name="mynamespace" al tpl variables in the inlcuded template are in this scope,

if not the tpl variable are in the same scope of the caller template!!!


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