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Indexing pages

Indexing pages

Sunday 08 April 2012 3:23:48 pm - 2 replies

Despite the activation of url rewriting, Google comes to index pages that are not rewritten as
Is there a way to avoid this?
Thank you in advance

Sunday 08 April 2012 5:16:11 pm


Google can't guess these urls. you should have one page which have a lonk with it.

try to spider you webiste with a software like XENU :

you will see where is this link


Sunday 08 April 2012 5:40:59 pm

It probably wouldn't hurt to put it in your robots.txt too - at least then search engines that respect robots.txt won't index those pages - I add a few others too:

User-agent: *Disallow: /content/view/full
Disallow: /layout/set/
Disallow: <siteaccess>/layout/set
Disallow: /index.php/<siteaccess>

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