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Information regarding collect.ini?

Information regarding collect.ini?

Friday 30 April 2004 11:34:40 am - 5 replies

After looking at the new contributed ezcountry datatype I noticed that it includes views for 'result' and 'collect', views i didn't know existed! I dug around a little to find they are loosely related, or controlled by, the collect.ini file.

Would it be possible for some information, documentation, to be created to describe how to best use this file and for best practise guidelines to be given for how to use the new views? I notice there isn't much in the way of current documentation, eg:


Would it also be possible to expand upon new functionality like this with future releases? As someone who started to use eZ with betas of 3.0 I have my own developed best practise for creating templates. By introducing new views I can see these are refinements to the process and can aid development, so a few examples describing how these would affect developers would go down well, i think.



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Thursday 09 September 2004 5:42:26 am

Hmmm still no real info on this.

Anyone got some pointers, specifically on the values in [DisplaySettings]
and if they are all implemeneded



I'm assuming that the above show redirect to "/thanks" after the form has been submitted - but it doesn't seem to work sad.gif Emoticon

Any hints before I dive in to the code?


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Thursday 09 September 2004 6:57:18 am

Well the above does work as long as


It was disabled because I'm tring to stop the infocollector from storing the collected information in the ezinfocollection & ezinfocollection_attribute tables and just send an email.

Looking at the code this does not seem possible.

Anyone know when or how information in these tables is cleaned out?


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Thursday 09 September 2004 9:03:12 am

Not heard a thing. Though documentation is meant to be forked 'shortly'. What this means in practise is anyones guess since its over a month since Ole announced this and i've not seen anything different in the docs section:



Thursday 09 September 2004 11:05:39 am


We have planned to work on the documentation during the 3.5 release cycle. We will not have time to do everything we would like to do in this cycle, but I assume work on the documentation will continue on to the next cycle as well.

Ole M.

Tuesday 10 March 2009 3:53:55 pm

It seems that you also need to add :


If you don't... the information collector module doesn't consider feedback_form class as a information collector and will ignore directives like RedirectURLList[feedback_form], DisplayList[feedback_form], and so on...

Actually, it seems that it can be usefull if you change the name of the class but doesn't want to change all directives, for instance you can have :





If you want to change feedback_form to feedback_message, you just have change the last line :


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