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Is there any builtin video player extensions compectible for ez 4.3.0

Is there any builtin video player extensions compectible for ez 4.3.0

Monday 28 February 2011 8:42:06 am - 8 replies


I am using ezpublish 4.3.0 with ezflow. Site users need to download players to watch the videos(even if ezflow supports flash player , site visitos need to download flash player ). Is there any builtin video player extensions that support ez 4.3.0 version.



Monday 28 February 2011 9:44:15 am

In collaboration with xrow I've created an HTML5 Video extension which is based on, but doesn't require, video js. I've been meaning to upload it to the projects section but haven't had a chance to make a version without my custom template code. I could possible get to it later this week. If you need it sooner I could send it to you directly as is.



Monday 28 February 2011 10:56:27 am

thanks a lot for your reply Fraser.

Can u please send it to me. Right now I am trying it to integrate to my site. My Id is romeo[.]antony@apexstuff[.]com

Monday 28 February 2011 3:26:37 pm

Another possible approach to let visitors watch video without forcing anyone to download anything.

Developed for iOS devices. No Flash or video player downloads required. HTML5 capable is required.

Monday 28 February 2011 6:01:25 pm

Ok, sent you the extension package. Let me know if you need any help getting it working. I hope it helps!

Tuesday 01 March 2011 9:34:42 am

Thanks a lot for the help Fraser and Doug.

Monday 26 March 2012 2:02:47 am

Hi Fraser,

I'm wondering if you have been able to upload this extension package at all? I've got a need for a customer to use the video and I need it to be HTML5 compatible.
I need to be able to have them upload the videos as content objects rather than attach them to xml blocks.

Thanks in advance!!

Monday 02 April 2012 9:26:47 pm

Sorry for the slow response.  I haven't uploaded my extension yet unfortunately but I can try to upload something to Github soon, or send it to you direclty even sooner, if you still need it.  

To be honest the requirement to have at least two versions of every video (mp4 and ogv) to get it to work in all browsers has been a real pain for our process.  As an alternative I simply added a text line attribute where the user can paste the url of a Youtube video and then put the embed code (iframe) with the url from the attribute in the template.  This way you can upload one version to Youtube and link it.  It would be pretty straightforward to use the Youtube API to upload a video from within a template directly to Youtube and get the url to place in the text line attribute.  I might try that next, but let me know if you beat me to it happy.gif Emoticon

I also created a pretty cool feature in a template that allows you to search the Youtube api, select the videos you want to import, and then import the selected videos.  This requires another extension I created to directly create and publish objects so it's a bit complicated but is a pretty nice feature from a user standpoint.  

Tuesday 03 April 2012 1:09:27 am

Hi Fraser,

Thanks for the reply. I wouldn't mind having a look at you're extension if possible.

I've actually gone and modified ezVideoFLV in an attempt to serve the video. I'm using ffmpeg to convert the videos on upload to both mp4 and ogg, and have had success in all browsers except IE9 which doesn't seem to want to play anything at all.

I'm using video.js as my player as it has a flash fallback. Which is also working great in IE7 and IE8. I'm now trying to work out how to force the player to use flash when IE9 hits the website. If I can work that out I'll have a complete and working solution that works in all browsers. Including mobile ones.

Maybe we could share our varied successes and we'll end up with a workable solution we can use happy.gif Emoticon

Either way I'd be more than happy to share what I've done so far.


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