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Issue #007662: Need for icon cascade system

Issue #007662: Need for icon cascade system

Tuesday 07 August 2012 8:53:30 pm - 1 reply

I ran into this issue the other day when creating an extension. Would be nice to get the original contributor to chime in and maybe update the patch to 4.x. This way we can roll this in as a PR.

Issue page:


SVN Location:


Sorry if this has been discussed recently.

Wednesday 08 August 2012 9:24:29 am


Regarding the old patch:

I had a look at ezwordtoimageoperator.php


the version that the patch was made for (3.9):

The changes are relatively minor (some fixes for comments

  • doxygen warnings
  • remove an include (autoloads addresses this instead)
  • general comments
  • tidy up of code related to classes (public properties instead of var)

So.. You should be able to do a diff on the 3.9 patched version and the version in your kernel and re-patch the new version by hand easily - or read the patch file and make the appropriate changes fairly easily..
Another suggestion:
How about:

  • use the 'icon' operator with the second flag set to true (ref: eZwordToImageOperator - there is an operator called icon where the second parameter set to true tells it to return only the URI)
  • This allows you to get the proper icon name from the ini file(s).
  • Then just use the icon file name (the last part of the URI) and pipe it through ezdesign

The end result would be: the operator gives you the filename you need, but then you use the existing cascading features of ezdesign to control which actual icon is loaded.


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