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Issue in shopping cart :ezauthorize

Issue in shopping cart :ezauthorize

Wednesday 22 December 2010 7:14:44 am - 5 replies

Hello All,
I am using eZp 4.3 with ezwebin.
I need to setup a shopping cart i have installed the ezauthorize extension.
Made changes to MerchantLogin/TransactionKey/TestMode created a work flow "All Payment Gateways [Workflow group]" "Payment Workflow [Workflow]" and selected the in Type multiselection box and Payment Gateway in event dropdown. set the Trigger at shop->checkout->before and selected Payment Workflow in workflow dropdown.
cleared cache but however when at user end i do shop and click checkout it takes me to Account information page and then the Confirm order page i never se a form to enter credit card info...
Please some one help me in this am i missing any important step...

Thanks in advance,

Friday 24 December 2010 6:54:05 am

Hello Akhi,

Remember to regenerate autoloads (via shell) and clear cache when you install the ezauthorize extension.

./bin/php/ezpgenerateautoloads.php -v -e

Also you should remember to use the latest version (trunk) from the project svn.



Monday 27 December 2010 7:09:45 am

HI Heath,
Thank you for the reply.
It did the work for me i used the latest files from project svn.
I can now see the Payment Information form. I had some errors after that.
1: The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive
2: This transaction has failed to verify that the use of a secure transaction (MD5 Hash Failed).
of which i have solved the 1st one by replacing the
as i have the developer account for test.
But for the 2nd error(MD5 Hash Failed) i am stuck can you please help me in this.
Thank you,

Modified on Monday 27 December 2010 7:11:23 am by Akhilesh Singh

Monday 27 December 2010 8:07:31 am


I have solved the issue by setting MD5HashVerification=false in ezauthorize.ini.append.php

just want to confirm is this the proper way to solve this issue or there is another way to solve that


Monday 03 January 2011 4:20:18 am

Hello happy.gif Emoticon

I belive you have made the right discion to disable md5 hash varification as it can be a bit tricky to configure / use.



Monday 03 January 2011 6:37:07 am

HI Heath

Thank you for your guidance....

Akhi happy.gif Emoticon


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