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layout/set/edit , ezwt (content/action redirect)

layout/set/edit , ezwt (content/action redirect)

Friday 30 July 2010 12:11:58 am


using the layout.ini feature I set a customized layout for the edit mode for the frontend.
It works fine if I access directly to the layout/set/edit/content/edit URL

My issue: accessing to the edit mode from the frontend toolbar, I jump to content/edit insteed layout/set/edit/content/edit

I thought to use URL Wildcard to redirect to the right URLm but I can not figure how to do.
I've tried:

content/edit/* to layout/set/edit/content/edit/{1}

but it doesn't work like content/edit/* is in the target as well.

I solved the problem using apache rewiterules, but I want to know if this issue could be properly solved with eZ (without extra rewriterule).

I hope I'm clear.
Thanks for any idea or solution

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