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Limit nuber of tags from list

Limit nuber of tags from list

Wednesday 03 July 2013 9:39:32 am - 6 replies

Hey everyone!

I was using this line of code for calling all tags.

  {foreach ezkeywordlist(    'blog_post', $blog_node.node_id ) as $keyword}
   <li><a href={concat( $blog_node.url_alias, "/(tag)/", $keyword.keyword|rawurlencode )|ezurl} title="{$keyword.keyword}">{$keyword.keyword}</a></li>

But now there is more than 100 tags, so i don't want to list all of them. How to change code to limit tags for only 5-6 tags (or to put max value of 5-6 tags to be shown).

Thanks in advance!

Wednesday 03 July 2013 1:08:22 pm


while ezkeywordlist operator does not support limiting the output to certain number of tags, you can always write {for} loop instead of {foreach}, something like this:

{def $keyword_list = ezkeywordlist( 'blog_post', $blog_node.node_id )}
{for 0 to 5 as $counter}
    <li><a href={concat( $blog_node.url_alias, "/(tag)/", $keyword_list[$counter].keyword|rawurlencode )|ezurl} title="{$keyword_list[$counter].keyword}">{$keyword_list[$counter].keyword}</a></li>

Wednesday 03 July 2013 3:37:16 pm

Thanks a lot for reply!

This works like i wanted. Thanks a lot for a help!

I just wondering is there some additional command for random tags?

Thanks a lot again!


Wednesday 03 July 2013 4:03:17 pm


I think there's no feature to fetch random tags unfortunatelly.

P.S. You should use wash() operator to output keywords to HTML to protect from XSS attacks.

So instead of:


you should use:


Modified on Wednesday 03 July 2013 4:05:34 pm by Edi Modrić

Thursday 04 July 2013 9:04:09 am

I change this one.

Thanks again for help, i really appreciate!

Thursday 04 July 2013 8:13:31 pm

Instead of a for loop, I would use the max parameter in your foreach, something like:

 {foreach ezkeywordlist( 'blog_post', $blog_node.node_id ) as $keyword max 5}...{/foreach}

This makes the code cleaner, and avoids off-by-one problems. In general I try to use foreach for all my loops.

Friday 05 July 2013 10:15:39 am

Good one Arne happy.gif Emoticon

I've completely forgotten about max parameter happy.gif Emoticon


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