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Limiting possible child class types?

Limiting possible child class types?

Monday 14 April 2003 5:05:44 pm - 3 replies

I was wondering whether I can somehow limit the types of child classes to a given class a normal user can create.

After all, if I have a customer class, I don't want people to write articles under it, adding normal comments and stuff is ok, though (well all know that you must stop users from having too many possibilities to do stupid things).

Monday 14 April 2003 6:48:47 pm

Best of my knowledge, that's all handled by the role-policies.

When making a customised "create" policy, your last option is to restrict creation to a specific class-type for the parent.

Monday 14 April 2003 7:46:58 pm

And the setup of sections to impose the locations in the node tree where users can create their stuff


Tuesday 15 April 2003 12:31:58 pm

Roles perfectly do the job. It might not be the most comfortable of all ways to set it up but sure as hell very flexible. You guys are a great help!


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