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Login requested for anonymous

Login requested for anonymous

Monday 05 August 2013 5:55:44 pm - 2 replies

I'm working with a Community Project 2012.4.Varnish 2 is placed in front of the website, with "all2evcc" extension for purging.Sometimes on my front office anonymous are requested to login because they do not own the rights to view this content. And this for all types of content on the website.When clearing all the caches from the back office, and purging Varnish, the problem disappears, until the next time...I wasn't able reproduce this bug on my local ezpublish instance.
Do you have any suggestion on what can cause this bug ?
Thanks happy.gif Emoticon

Wednesday 07 August 2013 10:17:49 am

Hi Stephane,

When this problem appears, have you test to display directly your ezpublish instance without varnish. For example 

If you have same problem without varnish its really strange and we have to dig more happy.gif Emoticon

Else maybe it's a varnish configuration problem.



Tuesday 13 August 2013 10:30:22 am

Hi Philipe,

Thanks for the reply !

the problem reappeared this morning, and i tried to access directly the ezpublish instance and i got the same result.
Puring Varnish didn't solve the problem either.
I double checked my settings and my roles/policies...
Can a bad file or folder permission setting cause the issue ?
Cheers blunk.gif Emoticon



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