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Long path to uploaded image (more 256 chars)

Long path to uploaded image (more 256 chars)

Tuesday 05 December 2006 2:32:52 pm - 2 replies

I ran ez under Windows. This OS cannot create path to file more 256 chars. ( MAX_PATH = 260). When i upload image, path to it is - http://some-site/var/plain_site/s...minievoj_fol_gi_polifleny_medium.jpg and OS cannot create image, becouse the path is very long! Can i setup ez to create small path to image ? For example by page id...
http://some-site/var/plain_site/storage/images/237/275-3-rus-RU/ where 237 is object id.

I think that very long file name is a bug ....

Thursday 07 December 2006 12:23:20 am

The length of file path or directory/file name is problem not only under Windows. I have similar problem under Unix. So please ezPublish crew develop solution to this. Maybe using hash instead of full path to image?

Friday 31 October 2014 4:37:01 am


the length of file can be short than it work properly

when path length is long that file of folders sometimes not work

and create problems so there is a tool for long path problem you can use

name is long path...




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