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Loss of reference images related to cache

Loss of reference images related to cache

Wednesday 09 April 2014 1:26:45 am - 2 replies

Hello everyone,
I do not know English very well, but c'mon.
I have a eZpublish-4.4 installed on the server with PHP 5.3 and after being migrated to a cluster, the pictures began to posts not being displayed. We realize that it is something related to cache, because when we clear all cache Ez, he returns to show the images. But we do not know how to solve this definitively. The eZpublish been removed from the cluster and he continued to give the problem. He even carries the image object and the image tag is empty.
Has anyone encountered this?

Wednesday 09 April 2014 9:56:38 am

This worked before it was put to the cluster?  If it did and it doesn't now (non-clustered) then something had to have changed.

Are you using imagemagick?  Do you have custom image aliases and/or do you have custom cache blocks?

Is there anything in the log files in var/log?  Or can you turn debug on and see anything specific to the images?  Can you turn off view caching to see if it makes a difference (besides being slooooow).

What exactly is being output - <img src="" /> - something like that?

Monday 14 April 2014 2:18:44 pm

It was working right before putting in the cluster, but when it was to cluster the machine has been fully updated. The problem occurred in the cluster and outside the cluster.

We are using imagemagick and we do not have custom aliases and custom cache blocks. The log files in /var/log there is no error.

And the output has been exactly as you quoted - <img src="" />.

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