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Mailing list

Mailing list

Thursday 06 May 2004 1:47:47 pm - 4 replies

Hi all
Do any one have an idea about how to create mailing list?
how to make a calss automated so ppl sign up using only their email and how to make a function / in a tpl to send to every one in the mailing list.

John Mina

Saturday 15 May 2004 7:26:30 am

Hi John,

The best way to do this would be to

1. create a new module (see docs)
1.1 create a new persistent object with 1 field email_address
1.2 create a 'send mail' template with a text box for subject and a text box for content
1.3 post that form to your module
1.4 use the ezMail class to send the mail out to every person on your email list

bulk mailing features are not yet integrated into ezPublish so you'll have to do it yourself sad.gif Emoticon


Wednesday 17 November 2004 8:50:12 am

I have the same need: A mechanism to distribute an email to a group of users.

Can not find any good instructions on this in the forum.

Could anyone outline more what most be done to implement this. (I am not an expert on modules etc....).

Wednesday 17 November 2004 2:43:34 pm

Try to use the workflow at:

Wednesday 17 November 2004 3:05:12 pm

Have seen this - but I do not understand how to configure it...

I have a special class. When I create a object here I want to send en email to a special group of users.

Do you know how I can configure the mailing list to do that?

Best regards,


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