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Module views: Parameters to root view?

Module views: Parameters to root view?

Saturday 20 December 2003 5:54:08 pm - 3 replies


Is it possible to assign parameters to modules "root" view?
I have a module "redirect" and I need to give it an parameter like this: redirect/article_1212.shtml...

I can get it to work like this "redirect/r/article_...", but I cannot use it like that...

I have tried to give in module.php the parameter option to view '' (null), but it doesn't accept them, it gives an module error that view not found.

Hopefully someone could help a bit...


Saturday 20 December 2003 5:59:25 pm

I don't think you can redirect like this. Redirection needs a module, view, and whatever parameters you have.

But have you consider some fancy url translations to mask the real uri?


Saturday 20 December 2003 8:16:54 pm

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your reply...
I have indeed tried to think lot of ways to archieve this...

The deal is that our old website's articles were in style "" and now that we changed to eZ, we still would like search engines to find the articles with the same url, so we need a redirect script...

I have created module "article" and it parses the url and takes only the id from it and finds an ezarticle which have the same id in it's class attributes...

Is it possible to make an redirect with the URL Manager so everything that comes to module "article" goes to "article/redirect/"?


Monday 22 December 2003 11:30:30 pm

Hi Jerry

The apache rewrite engine is ideal for this type of thing and because it is at the webserver level it is quick.



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