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move from ezpublish to codeigniter Framework

move from ezpublish to codeigniter Framework

Tuesday 16 September 2014 9:27:18 am - 2 replies

Hi currently i am using ezpublish for 2  years , i want to migrate my project from ezpublish to codeigniter PHP framework , i can not stop the development and write all code again in codeigniter because my website is live .

What I am planning to do is  do my new coding in  a different folder so i can move it to codeigniter easily . I think it needs a lot of routing file changes and it seems hard .

so what are the best practices to migrate from a working system to another system . any suggestions .

Thanks in advance happy.gif Emoticon 

Thursday 18 September 2014 10:39:54 pm


Moving away from an amazing framework being reborn backwards to a terrible -DEAD- framework stuck hard in the early '90s .. That's smart.

GOOD LUCK .. your going to need it to find work after your fired for a brain dead career suicide move like that.

"Your all alone ...Your all alone ...Your all alone ...Your all alone ..."  -- Sole
Just something to think about ... I'm just sayin' -- kracker

Friday 19 September 2014 10:53:47 am

There are extensions allowing you to export ez content in structured format, look for ex. at ezxmlexport.

If you want to do anything else than a content dump + import, it really depends on your business requirements, so it is hard to give generic advice.

A) you can use rewrite rules in Apache so that all urls with a given prefix, eg /v2/ hit CodeIgniter and not eZ. This is quite simple to achieve

B) if you want CodeIgniter code to run in eZ context, or eZ code to run in CodeIgniter context, things might be a bit comples, as both are frameworks which implement their MVC, not just component libraries.

If you are lucky, using ob_start() and including codeigniter code in an eZ view, things might just work. But I would not bet on that...


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