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Multiple ez installs...

Multiple ez installs...

Wednesday 02 April 2003 11:55:06 am - 1 reply


I recently read an article describing how to install multiple ez publish on your server (I'm using a webhotell). In this case the admin site was seperated from the other part (main part). Since I was not sure why admin site was installed as a seperate 'unit' I'll post a specific "what should I do" question here:

I want to run a portal for several independent sites. I will be the admin for all sites.

Specifically, I want the frontpage to display information regarding my company and provide links to my communities (that is, seperate sites).

Should I make a seperate install for each community (there will be four of them)? What are the pros and cons for making seperate installs? Anything else that weights in before a decision can be made?

Any information is as usual much appreciated!

Wednesday 02 April 2003 2:39:14 pm

Hi Mikael,

I would use the multi-site function for ez publish and not make several installs. You can define any number of sites SiteAccess in site.ini and make different settings for each.

If you use one database for all sites, things could get a bit confusing, so you might consider using separate databases. If you use more than one database, you will have to define an admin site for each user site with a separate database I'd think.



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