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My workflow isn't working =(

My workflow isn't working =(

Tuesday 15 April 2003 3:49:51 pm - 2 replies

Okay, delved into workflows yesterday. Seemed pretty easy, and I needed an approval workflow, so I decided to start there.

After following the instuctions in the tutorial to a T ( I come to realize that it isn't working.

Now, via reading various threads on workflows, I get the impressions that eZ publish must be able to run cron-jobs because of the creation of a collaboration item. At the moment, I don't have the non-apache PHP installed. Is this my problem?

Also, I'm using RC1 still. We are hoping to get 3-final setup on a another server here soon.

Wednesday 16 April 2003 10:48:27 am

Approvals require a cronjob to run. If you don't have the shell command line version of PHP it will be quite hard to make the workflows work. If your site runs non-virtualhost mode you can run the workflow script directly in the browser (not recommended though), I believe the script was called runcronworkflows.php in RC1.

Wednesday 16 April 2003 6:50:15 pm

That's what I thought. Thanks Jan.


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