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need help to add several recipients to my form.

need help to add several recipients to my form.

Tuesday 07 October 2014 5:24:18 pm - 2 replies

Hello every one,

Have you got an idea how i can send my feedback form to several recipients?

{set-block scope=root variable=email_receiver}



P.S: none of the old documentations works! 

Tuesday 07 October 2014 7:04:00 pm

Hello pa,

Can you share links to this 'old documentation'?

The cms has not changed much with regards to legacy (legacy is very very very backwards compatible) so old documentation should usually still be valid (we still have the old template language constructs in the kernel and base templates for example).

I've not tried to do what your describing, I would suggest it's not possible without a custom module.

But I wait to pass judgement until I see this 'old documentation' your making reference to happy.gif Emoticon

Another solution would be to use a mail server configuration known as a group forwarder where you create an email alias which forwards emails it receives to a list of email addresses.

Moving the configuration out of eZ Publish Legacy and into your mail server configuration would prolly server you better in the long run anyway.

This woudl be a much simpler solution anyway as your talking silently about the information collection form system in the content module which is not simple to customize in this regard.

I hope this helps!


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Tuesday 07 October 2014 7:12:45 pm

Hello pa,

I did some quick research and it looks like the following tpl variables are supported cc and bcc!

This means you can do almost what your trying to do in eZ Publish through template customization.

Here is an example usage (not tested btw):

{def $email_cc_receivers = array( $object.data_map.recipient.content, $object.data_map.recipient2.content )}
{def $email_bcc_receivers = array( $object.data_map.recipient3.content, $object.data_map.recipient4.content)}

These tpl variables are read by the collectinformation module view here:

EDIT: Please note that these variables above should be arrays not strings. Although if you read the kernel code you will see they use a comma separated string transformed into an array if an array is not passed.

So you should also be able to do the following.

{set-block scope=root variable=email_cc_receivers}{$object.data_map.recipient.content}, {$object.data_map.recipient2.content}{/set-block}
{set-block scope=root variable=email_bcc_receivers}{$object.data_map.recipient3.content}, {$object.data_map.recipient4.content}{/set-block}

I hope this helps!


Modified on Tuesday 07 October 2014 7:39:20 pm by // Heath


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