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New contrib: easyadmin so it's easier to admin

New contrib: easyadmin so it's easier to admin

Wednesday 17 May 2006 1:00:24 pm - 3 replies

This extension provides you quick interfaces to create content when you don't want to populate all the fields but just the title.
This is particulary usefull to create the structure of a website, where only the name of the different pages are known.


I'd suggest you to use the svn version as things might be added soon.

I did test it lightly, it works fine on 3.6 3.7 with FF 1.5. I'd like to hear from you if it works too on 3.8 and with the other browsers.

Have fun,


Modified on Wednesday 17 May 2006 1:07:25 pm by Xavier Dutoit

Friday 19 May 2006 11:28:19 am

Hi Xavier,
Did a quick test on 3.8, and it seems to work well.
Very handy, Thanks!

Wednesday 11 October 2006 8:21:01 pm

On 3.7.2 it works great.

For the documentation in the admin:
When you click Quick Add, it opens a new box. That is for the node id.

Suggestion: Can it prepopulate with the current node?

I'm having a problem after the nodes are created, it redirects to a url without using ezroot

Thanks for the great tool!

Tuesday 04 December 2007 11:18:03 pm

I found a problem with Ez versions prior to 3.8 because it use a advanced language administration. The problem appear when you create a new object and you have installed more than one language. The solution was easy (uniquely add a Select a Language combobox).


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