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New event listener

New event listener

Friday 16 May 2008 3:44:48 pm


I need to trig a worflow with an event which is applied on a Content Class but not on the publish before/after Plubication.

For example:
When a user is editing an object (in back-office interface), he can push a button (e.g. DoSomething) to call an operator (whithout leave the edition mode and lose the draft).

I tryed with workflows :
create an extension/myworkflow
set the extension/myworkflow/settings/workflow.ini.append.php
create an event (extension/myworkflow/event/dosomethingtype.php)
create the worklow group, including my worflow
create the trigger
All is fine...

However, what can i do on my button to be caught by the trigger. I tryed :

<input type="submit" value="Do something" name="DoSomethingButton" class="button"/>

Unfortunately, it doesn't work.

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