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Friday 28 March 2003 12:25:33 am - 3 replies

eZ systems ever going to bring eZbulk back to eZ publish or any type of messaging system to keep in touch with customers? It was one of the great features I liked about eZ publish 2.x and it could had been extended in version 3 where it could be triggered and send an update newsletter with headlines of new posted articles.

I don't know why you had to knife the baby!

Unfortunately, I don't know much about programming (I work at an IT department), but I am going back to college and get some classes in computer science.

I hope the crew at eZ systems make-up their mind and start putting their stuff together.

Thank you for your time.


Friday 28 March 2003 11:15:42 am

We will definetly add this feature to eZ publish 3.0. We will come with an announcement of what we will focus on for 3.1. A good guess is that this will be in 3.1.


Friday 28 March 2003 8:04:20 pm

Thanks for your response. When you guys start designing this add-on for eZ publish 3 please take a look at PHPList 2 ( This is one of the best open source mailing list manager with lots of features.

Thank you.


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Saturday 29 March 2003 12:50:28 am

MailGust is another, quite simple but well presented and they strike a good balance between email lists (HTML also) / archives and forums.

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