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no 301 redirection after rename

no 301 redirection after rename

Saturday 22 March 2014 3:39:34 pm

Hello, I renamed objects in my back office and no 301 redirect is made. I enabled debug sql and the following query returns no result : 

SELECT AS e0_id, AS e0_link, e0.text AS e0_text, e0.text_md5 AS e0_text_md5, e0.is_alias AS e0_is_alias, e0.alias_redirects AS e0_alias_redirects, AS e1_id, AS e1_link, e1.text AS e1_text, e1.text_md5 AS e1_text_md5, e1.is_alias AS e1_is_alias, e1.action AS e1_action, e1.alias_redirects AS e1_alias_redirects 

FROM ezurlalias_ml e0, ezurlalias_ml e1 

WHERE e0.parent = 0

 AND (e0.lang_mask & 3 > 0) 

AND e0.text_md5 =  MD5( 'corse' )  

AND e1.parent = 

AND (e1.lang_mask & 3 > 0)

AND e1.text_md5 =  MD5( 'bonifacio-u-capu-biancu-bonifacio' ) LIMIT 0, 1;

If I point to a url with the old name of my object I am redirected to module not found. 

if I comment the line "AND (e1.lang_mask & 3> 0)" the result is good.

If I change the value of lang_mask fields urlalias_ml table and I call the old url I have a result, but not 301 redirect (duplicate content). Does anyone know what is the condition (e1.lang_mask & 3> 0)? Is this a known bug?. Is what I do a query update on urlalias_ml table to find my old url? 

My site is configured for 4 languages, but I only use the French, I use multiple locations and path_prefix. 

Thank you.

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