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Non admin users aren't triggering workflows

Non admin users aren't triggering workflows

Monday 28 May 2012 9:06:34 am - 1 reply


I have a 'before publish' approval workflow setup for content on my site. I have to the approver group set to a group of 'editor' users. I have also given these users collaboration privileges so they have access to the collaboration page to approve/deny changes.

Although, If I log in as one of the users in the approver group and make a content change, it doesn't trigger the workflow, they change is just published. But if I log in as another user that isn't in the approver group, for example an administrator, then make a content change, it will trigger the workflow successfully. I can then log in as one of the approver group user and approve/deny that change.

Are there more privileges I need to give to the 'editors' so that their change will trigger the workflow?

I know it seems weird that I want to have the same people make edits that will in-turn approve these edits, but I want to have one group of editors that will essentially approve each other's edits.




Friday 01 June 2012 5:08:09 pm

Hi Josh,

For the two cases, are you sure that you aren't executing the workflow for on editor user? Are there restrictions on the PHP code?

Best regards,



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