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Not using indexes queries from the object state features

Not using indexes queries from the object state features

Tuesday 12 June 2012 9:49:33 am

Hello. We were having perfomance problems with one of our developments at the database level. it's a dfs cluster used by several sites, each of them having a separate ezdfs database for dfs cluster thing. 

Fortunately, after tweaking some values in etc/my.cnf, the thing is perfoming really much better now. 
We also discovered some not using indexes queries and fixed that.

But still we're having entries in our slow-log-queries log coming, it seems, from queries relates with the object states feature. they are like this

 # User@Host: xxx @ xxxx# Query_time: 0.001020  Lock_time: 0.000530 Rows_sent: 1  Rows_examined: 2
SET timestamp=1339477199;
SELECT l.contentobject_state_id, s.identifier AS state_identifier, g.identifier AS state_group_identifier
                FROM ezcobj_state_link l, ezcobj_state s, ezcobj_state_group g
                WHERE l.contentobject_id=65007 AND

Is this something we should worry about? 


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