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Notification inconvenient

Notification inconvenient

Thursday 08 December 2011 3:33:02 pm - 2 replies

Hello everybody,

I'm having some trouble using notification on ezpublish community project 2011.4.

I want to know every creation or modification on my website, so i add a subtree notification on node number 2.

Then, i run manually the cron : php runcronjobs.php -s my_site_access frequent

This works fine.

The problem is that i receive every modification or creation since the website exist (since january 2010).

Too many emails !!!!!!

How can i receive only the modification since i suscribed to the node number 2 ?

I really need some help.




ps: this is my first post, sorry for my english  blunk.gif Emoticon

Thursday 08 December 2011 3:56:48 pm

Hm, to distinguish notifications based on the moment you subscribed would be hard (maybe impossible).

But you can always clean all notifications from shell:

php update/common/scripts/cleanup.php notification

Thursday 08 December 2011 4:20:20 pm

Thanks a lot Ivo.

Now, it works fine happy.gif Emoticon


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