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on ready within template

on ready within template

Thursday 09 October 2014 1:54:21 pm - 2 replies


I have created a paget called test_pgl by overriding pagelayout.tpl.

Then i want to call an on ready function within that template.but at least an alert is not working.When i view page source

I am getting


<span class="error" title="Start tag seen without seeing a doctype first. Expected “<!DOCTYPE html>”."><<span class="start-tag">html</span>></span><span id="line2"> </span><<span class="start-tag">head</span>><<span class="start-tag">script</span>>if(typeof window.__wsujs==='undefined'){window.__wsujs=9169;window.__wsujsn='OffersWizard';window.__wsujss='73A6509CB552BF675DBAA257D207379D';} </<span class="end-tag">script</span>> <span id="line3"> </span>                    <<span class="start-tag">script</span>>if(top == self && typeof window._ws_all_js==='undefined'){ <span id="line4"> </span>                          window._ws_all_js = 7; <span id="line5"></span>                 var zhead = document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0]; <span id="line6"></span>                 if(!zhead){zhead = document.createElement('head');} <span id="line7"></span>                 var qscript = document.createElement('script'); <span id="line8"></span>                 qscript.setAttribute('id','wsh2_js'); <span id="line9"></span>                 qscript.setAttribute('src',''); <span id="line10"></span>                 qscript.setAttribute('type','text/javascript');qscript.async = true; <span id="line11"></span>                 if(zhead && !document.getElementById('wsh2_js')) zhead.appendChild(qscript); <span id="line12"></span>                   } </<span class="end-tag">script</span>>    <span id="line13"></span><span id="line14"></span></<span class="end-tag">head</span>><span id="line15"></span><<span class="start-tag">body</span>>    <span id="line16"></span></<span class="end-tag">body</span>><span id="line17"></span></<span class="end-tag">html</span>>

this kind of a script that I haven't called.any one have some idea about this?

Is there a separate way to call an on ready function within a template ?.

Please help happy.gif Emoticon

Thursday 09 October 2014 3:46:17 pm

Be sure to wrap any JavaScript in {literal} tags, like so:


  console.log('document ready');

You may also use:

  console.log('document ready');


Friday 10 October 2014 10:08:22 am

Thank you very much happy.gif Emoticon.You save my time.


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