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Once again: Approve event and Multiplexer...

Once again: Approve event and Multiplexer...

Wednesday 12 November 2003 3:23:36 pm - 6 replies


eZ crew, Is this thing going to work someday? blunk.gif Emoticon
I just tested it in 3.2-3 and still the bugs haven't been removed...

I have fixed it to work a littlebit better (version data works), but having still some problems...
ie. Why is the memento_key created to Multiplexers workflow_process, but not to the approve_event?
Because of this the runcronjobs script will stop and brake everything.

ezapprove_item is pointing to workflow_process that hasn't got the memento_key (approve event).
It works well, if I put the memento_key from multiplexer to approve_event, the object gets published correctly, but in the database there still was multiplexers workflow process, so somehow it created a new approve_event process (but object is already published, so this is not necessary)...

And should the multiplexer even be in the workflow_process table?
For me the processes goes there like this:
INSERT INTO `ezworkflow_process` VALUES (1, '2ea5f04ee7de8cefa2636c299823db97', 3, 0, 0, 0, 0, '0', 3, 1, 0, 0, 4, 0, 1068646688, 1068646688, 0, 0, 4, 'a:3:{s:9:"object_id";s:3:"187";s:7:"version";s:1:"1";s:11:"workflow_id";s:1:"3";}', '7870439eec65dcdbc1c715d6586746f0');

INSERT INTO `ezworkflow_process` VALUES (2, '89220cadc53191684892dafb5040e765', 2, 99, 0, 0, 0, '0', 2, 1, 0, 0, 4, 0, 1068646688, 1068646688, 0, 1, 4, 'a:7:{s:11:"workflow_id";s:1:"2";s:7:"user_id";s:2:"99";s:16:"contentobject_id";s:3:"187";s:7:"version";s:1:"1";s:7:"node_id";N;s:9:"object_id";s:3:"187";s:11:"session_key";N;}', '');

Is this even close to right situation? I have my doubts on the approve_event's parameters... When I run the approve event alone without multiplexer, it has a memento_key and the parameters look something like this:


I would like to help to get this thing to work. We have a deadline end of this month, and we really need the multiplexers...


Modified on Wednesday 12 November 2003 3:24:00 pm by Jerry Jalava

Thursday 13 November 2003 11:46:20 am


I installed the latest svn and the problem was still there? So I guess there is still no solution for this matter?

I think everyone would like this feature to work properly asap...
Hope someone could help.

Edit: Just tested, and the multiplexer ain't working at the demo site either... I mean that the contentObject version gets lost...
(well, it is a clean install of eZ 3.2-3, so I didn't even expect it to work... blunk.gif Emoticon )


Modified on Thursday 13 November 2003 12:10:49 pm by Jerry Jalava

Thursday 13 November 2003 10:28:37 pm

Hi Jerry,
Just want to give you my support on this issue. I am having just the same problems as you have.

I can´t belive there has not been more threads discussing this obvious bug. How is it possible to implement a decent workflow without the multiplexer working..?

Anyhow, I will continue my own research on the subject and will keep you posted in case of progress.

In the mean time - It would be nice to hear the eZ crew version of this story...

/Nicklas Lundgren, Sweden.

Thursday 13 November 2003 11:51:15 pm

Worlflows currently remain a teaser with a somewhat bad taste afterwards. I hope it does not backfire to ez publish: some specs create expectations that do not materialise enough when you try to implement ez publish beyond, say, (postnuke|plone|..)-like sites.

The content model is great, even the entire architecture is pretty sound from an academic point of view. If you look at it from a "close distance" it certainly beats many commercial offerings for CMS in this respect. Too many roadblocks unfortunately in terms of bugs and small missing features, unless you are a top-notch php programmer who is willing to dive into the code for weeks/months.

Nevertheless, there is much (potential) value in ez publish 3.x and it meets the needs for advanced applications to a certain extent. For some aspects its is already 95% there for real world applications. Others may prove more difficult.

Communication from the ez crew is still too sporadic.

I hope things change soon in terms of robustness and quality of specified features.

Otherwise, I remain loyal happy.gif Emoticon


Friday 14 November 2003 12:27:13 am

While i like shiny new things such as new 3.3 features like calendars, blogs, and so on, i really hope 3.4 is a stability release with no new features.

The development could follow other open source projects and embrace an odd number for developing brave new features and a even number for stabilising those changes?


Friday 14 November 2003 12:36:30 am

I agree. I've been quite dissapointed at the amount of bugs. A large amount of this has been due to ezpublish not being able to match its feature list in a real world application. The workflow system is pretty dodgy at the moment. To get any real use out of ez you have to delve very deep into its codebase... which does take months.

Friday 14 November 2003 9:31:43 am

I agree fully regarding the amount of serious bugs.

In my case, I have previously seriously considered buying the professional license.
But I wouldnt buy a product with so many bugs/errors.

I only wish eZ now would focus on stability to let this very promising system mature.

Nicklas Lundgren

Modified on Friday 14 November 2003 9:32:43 am by Nicklas Lundgren


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