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Own Datatype - Filling custom values in class edit tpl

Own Datatype - Filling custom values in class edit tpl

Monday 17 March 2014 10:09:41 am - 2 replies

Hello folks!

I recently create my own datatype so extend the ezobjectrelationlist. I copied all needed files (the datatype class, the datatype edit tpl and the datatype view tpl), changed everything I need to change and added my own class attributes. Everything works fine expect of one thing I cant figure out why:

Everytime I edit the class, my custom attributes will be set to default!

For example:
My custom objectrelationlist has the custom attribute "allowed filetypes". It's a string like ".jpg, .png" and when I edit my class, fill in the input field for "allowed filetypes" and publish the object its stored and in my datatype view.tpl its shown correctly. When I edit it again, it will be set to default, not the value I filled in before.

I have scrolled through the code like 100 times, edited and changed everything I need and could find, but I don't get my prefilled values!

I hope someone could help me with this problem!

Wednesday 19 March 2014 3:06:52 pm

Have you updated the defaultObjectAttributeContent() method?

Thursday 20 March 2014 8:42:44 am

Quote from Betsy Gamrat :

Have you updated the defaultObjectAttributeContent() method?

Yes, I have! I set it to the default values I expect for this attribute. My attribute then, when I edit it, gets these values I set there. The default values for the objectrelationlist will be overwritten.


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