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Pages not refreshed once new content is published

Pages not refreshed once new content is published

Saturday 12 February 2011 12:45:57 am - 2 replies

Hi to all,

I have this site that does not update pages once new stuff is published, so all reamains the same. I have to clean cache from the admin site in order to make new content appear. Users are allowed to create certain contents and they also cannot see the new content published. Can someone tell where to look for missused configuration?


Saturday 12 February 2011 11:57:12 am

You should be more specific about what does not appear where. Eg, is the homepage containing a list of, say, the latest 10 articles, and it is not refreshed when a new article is published? Or is an article edited and its new version does not appear?

The best place to get you started with eZP wonderfully complex (and powerful) caching mechanisms is in the online docs:

Saturday 12 February 2011 12:52:42 pm

Gaetano is pointing you to the right direction. eZ Publish has a default configuration that handles the most common content structure / caching interactions. When your structure doesn't match these, view caching configuration needs to be updated accordingly. It isn't very complex once you know how it works.


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