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Paid Membership With PayPal

Paid Membership With PayPal

Friday 28 May 2010 11:11:55 pm - 3 replies

I've been given the task of transferring a site over to eZ Publish. The current site has paid membership, and a membership is valid for one year. There are different prices for professionals, students etc. Membership gives access to a section otherwise closed to anonymous users. The site will also have free membership, but then some content made available to paid members will be denied.

As I see it, a simplified worflow:

  1. Make use of module "User"
  2. Create two user groups, one for free and one for paid membership
  3. Extend default user class with: Membership type (free, paid), Payment type (professional, student etc), expiry date (used in case of paid membership)
  4. If new user registers for a paid membership, account must be disabled
  5. Move members into correct user group. Free or Paid group.
  6. Create a workflow to run after content publish. Check if user has registered a paid membership. If so direct the user to PayPal for payment.
  7. If PayPal verifyes payment, enable account. If not, delete account.
  8. Create a cronjob that notifies members that membership will soon expire.
  9. Create a cronjob that checks for expired accounts and disables them.

Have anyone done something like this in eZ Publish? Is this the correct workflow, or do I need to create an extension that does not use module "User" for this?

I will also need to import all the existing users. Can anyone recommend an extension for this?

Wednesday 28 September 2011 3:55:51 pm

Hi Børge,

I have a similar project. What have you done ? Have you develop your own extension, workflows?

If someone has already implemented a similar solution, it would be nice to share with the community.


Thursday 06 December 2012 1:41:03 pm

Hi Børge and Sylvain

How did you get on with this, I have a similar task to manage on version 4.7 using a PayPal extension hopefully...


Wednesday 12 December 2012 2:18:26 pm

We also did a project like this using PayPal to collect the annual membership payments. The membership expired at the same time of year for everyone with varying subscription amounts over the course of a year. We didn't use workflow but rather a custom module view that the user was redirected to after log in. The site has been running for 3 years now. However the code is very bespoke and can't be easily made into a standalone extension. But we certainly learnt a lot about handling PayPal IPN callbacks...



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