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Participate on the Tracker, through GIT, how?

Participate on the Tracker, through GIT, how?

Sunday 27 February 2011 7:56:23 pm - 4 replies


Anyone from Engineering that can give me an idea on how a community members could participate on the issue tracker through GIT.

For example; he/she spots an issue, and got a possible fix for it. Does he/she fork on GIT, and create separate branches for each issue, then apply the fix, and do a pull request? So one branch and pull request for a single issue? Or is this done in another way?

Thanks Robin

Sunday 27 February 2011 10:17:44 pm

Hi Robin.

Actually this is the way me an other people are working. So i would say yes. a branch for each issue is good.

Monday 28 February 2011 10:50:42 am

This is defined in the GIT article as previewed here:


"A topic branch is a branch specifically created for an issue or a collection of related issues, or even a new feature. From a SVN background this might sound crazy. But with GIT, branching is cheap and makes the whole process simpler, retains history and allows online reviews on github."

Wednesday 02 March 2011 3:43:32 pm

I can confirm what André says. Branches in GIT are cheap, easy to use, and a hard requirement if you wanna send a clean pull request.

Wednesday 02 March 2011 8:23:49 pm

Thanks for the feedback all! Also re-read the GIT tutorial (how could I forget about that one?), and it's all clear. Branches seems very easy, and clean indeed.

Thanks, Robin


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