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pdf url handling

pdf url handling

Tuesday 26 September 2017 3:48:08 pm - 4 replies

Hello, I can read that "Internal links are managed as references in ezpublish".

I have one pdf which download link is

this pdf correpond to the node id 12661,and the object id (contentobject_id) 13360 in ezpublish database.

But, as you can see in this exemple, there is an number in the url path "122648" and I don't know how to find the corresponding field in the ezpublish database...

Is there someone who can explainme which field is concerned?

Thanks a lot

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Wednesday 27 September 2017 5:11:11 pm

122648 is the content object attribute ID, which you'll find in the "id" field in the "ezcontentobject_attribute" database table. The same ID is used in the "contentobject_attribute_id" field in the "ezbinaryfile" database table.

Wednesday 27 September 2017 5:36:09 pm

That's it! thanks a lot!!

However how can I choose the right attribute id for my url knowing that I have various attribute id corresponding to the same object id ? In this exemple 13660 as 2 value for data-type_string= ezbinaryfile 122646 and 122648...?


 attribute_original_id     contentclassattribute_id     contentobject_id     data_float     data_int     data_text     data_type_string     id     language_code     language_id     sort_key_int     sort_key_string     version
0     146     13360     0     NULL     guide_elab_docob_2011     ezstring     122646     fre-FR     3     0     guide_elab_docob_2011     1
0     148     13360     0     NULL           ezbinaryfile     122648     fre-FR     3     0           1
0     146     13360     0     NULL     guide élaboration Docob     ezstring     122646     fre-FR     3     0     guide élaboration docob     2
0     148     13360     0     NULL           ezbinaryfile     122648     fre-FR     3     0           2

Wednesday 27 September 2017 9:48:23 pm

As a general rule, I don't recommend going straight to the database, but instead you should use the eZ API to get the information you need. In this case, you are probably interested in the row that corresponds to the current version of the object (mapping the "version" to "current_version" in ezcontentobject

Thursday 28 September 2017 9:10:15 am

Thanks a lot...I don't know a lot about ezpublish. I was looking in the admin backoffice and was looking how to export  a set of pdf (we are moving content from an old website to a new one) and realized that it wasn't possible.  So I was looking how to produce a list with the set's url and write a .bat file in order to download all the files according to their url. Perlhap's this is not the easiest way but I am actually working on Drupal and I don't know how to manage ezpublish well (I'm not a developer)...


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