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Persistence cache and SmartCacheClear

Persistence cache and SmartCacheClear

Tuesday 06 May 2014 4:23:41 pm


I would like to know if the PersistenceCachePurger takes care of the SmartCacheClear rules defined in the viewcache.ini?

I currently have an issue, I would like to refresh the cache of a parent element when a node is modified but it is not working...

I set the rule "ClearCacheMethod[]=parent" in the viewcache.ini but it doesn't seem to have any effect.

I'm working with eZ 5.2 in a dev environment (so there is no http cache).

My persistence cache configuration is the following:

                - FileSystem            
            inMemory: true            
            registerDoctrineAdapter: false

The "relating" rule seems to be working because my content is shown in another page with an object relation an the cache is well refreshed for this page.

Thanks for your help.

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