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php 4.3.10 -> should we upgrade?

php 4.3.10 -> should we upgrade?

Thursday 16 December 2004 2:00:34 pm - 12 replies


php 4.3.10 is out and solves a reference issue:

But I think, that's not the bug, ez is fighting with.

Nevertheless I am asking: Is it recommended to upgrade to 4.3.10 in the view of using ez3rc2?

Thursday 16 December 2004 2:26:54 pm

PHP 4.3.10 also contains a foreach optimization backported by Derick.

I've installed the new PHP on my workstation and haven't found a reason why not to upgrade.

Friday 17 December 2004 7:09:44 pm


I just attempted to upgrade to php 4.3.10 and after doing the upgrade and restarting apache the non ezpublish portions of my site worked fine but all of my ezpublish pages came up blank. Nothing unusual could be found in apache's error logs or the ezpublish error logs. Does anyone have any ideas what is wrong?

Ken Colwell

Friday 17 December 2004 8:12:58 pm


I've found a notice from amos in the trunk-code that the current php-version (4.3.10) has a problem with var_export().

So, maybe that causes the problem?

Friday 17 December 2004 9:03:30 pm

Generally speaking: Yes you should, as apparently there are major security risks in older PHP versions.

Edit: ezpublish 3.5.0RC2 seems to work just fine on my PHP 4.3.10 (Apache 1.3, FreeBSD)

Modified on Friday 17 December 2004 10:04:22 pm by Gabriel Ambuehl

Saturday 18 December 2004 3:05:20 pm

Hi Georg,

We are testing PHP 4.3.10 at the moment. We have not found any major issues in < 3.5 yet. If we do we will post them here.


Modified on Saturday 18 December 2004 3:06:11 pm by Tony Wood

Saturday 18 December 2004 10:29:27 pm

I was having the problem above using the following:

ezpub Version 3.4.4 (3.4.4)
SVN revision 9297

php 4.3.10

yp, xml, wddx, tokenizer, sysvshm, sysvsem, standard, sockets, shmop, session, pspell, posix, pcre, overload, mssql, mbstring, iconv, gmp, gettext, gd, ftp, exif, domxml, dio, dbx, dba, curl, ctype, calendar, bz2, bcmath, zlib, apache2filter, imap, ldap, mysql, odbc

Safe mode is off.
Basedir restriction is off.
Global variable registration is off.
File uploading is enabled.
Maximum size of post data (text and files) is 200M.
Script memory limit is 400M.
Maximum execution time is 180 seconds.

PHP Accelerator: ionCube PHP Accelerator: 1.3.3r2

Thursday 23 December 2004 2:07:03 pm

Hmmm, not sure if my last message was actually posted, as it was sent from work and we have occasional problems with online forms, so I've nipped home to try again.

My hosting provider upgraded to PHP 4.3.10 this morning and instantly three sites stopped working, all with the same errors showing.

Lots of:
Notice: Array to string conversion in /home/.../public_html/lib/ezfile/classes/ezdir.php on line 272

and lots of (but not quite as much) of:
Notice: Array to string conversion in /home/.../public_html/lib/ezfile/classes/ezdir.php on line 288

Then once at the end:
Notice: Array to string conversion in /home/dunbargr/public_html/lib/ezutils/classes/ezexecution.php on line 78

Any clues as to the best course of action?


Thursday 23 December 2004 4:36:44 pm

Following up my own post now -- back at work. Everything now seems to be working again. Which has just left me even more confused.


Thursday 23 December 2004 4:52:42 pm

I found empty pages after upgrading but after stopping Apache, emptying the tmp directory used by Ioncube, I had all my pages again, so no problem.

Tuesday 25 January 2005 3:43:31 am

My hosting upgraded the php and my site showed the same error.
I pointed to them this url, with its hints about tmp files, and now the site is almost back.
I am still unable to login at admin interface and some public links are crazy, returning to home page.
I guess that a cache clear is needed.
But how to clear without admin acess?
Could I manually erase the /var/cache directories?
Andre Felipe

Tuesday 25 January 2005 8:14:26 am

Hi Andre,


./bin/shell/ --clear-all

from the command line.

Sunday 30 January 2005 1:41:05 pm

Many thanks for your answer.
Unfortunatelly, my hosting provider also closed my ssh access....
And he is not willing to reopen for my account or any other on shared hosting plans.
I used the cpanel filemanager to manually erase the files. But hosting new safe_mode configs are blocking ezpublish to work.
This is the second time huge server modifications, not previously told, break my site. Enough.
It is time to move to another hosting, I guess.
I am contacting firebright.
Andre Felipe


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