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PHP option for FreeType support

PHP option for FreeType support

Friday 01 September 2006 8:30:15 am - 2 replies

Does anyone know which of this PHP options:


is needed for using eZ with freetype support? As I can see from the php docs, '--with-ttf' options enables support for FreeType 1.x, and '--with-freetype-dir' enables support for FreeType 2. Which version of freetype does eZ use, and which of these two options is really needed?

Friday 01 September 2006 9:45:43 am

Hi Marko
perhaps article of Lukasz
is helped for U

Friday 01 September 2006 10:15:07 am

Actualy it doesn't really answer my specific question. The '--with-ttf' and '--with-freetype-dir' options are mentioned there, but they are not discussed, and there's no mention if they are BOTH needed and why.

What I would like to know:

Is support for FreeType2 enough for eZ, or FreeType1 is needed too?


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